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Hops – traditional medicine and beer

Hops have been used for centuries to produce beer, but also as a medicine in traditional medicine. It is most common in central Europe and western Asia. It’s Latin name is Humulus lupulus, has a bitter taste and a pleasant smell and works great on the digestive and nervous system.

Its fruits are cone-shaped, 3-4 centimeters long. The most important component it contains is lupulin. It is also known as a source of vitamins, minerals and other useful ingredients, such as fiber, vegetable oils, vitamin B complex, essential oils, tannin, flavonoids, phytoestrogen. The hops and preparations made from it contain caffeine.

It has been found that it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system due to its sedative effect, but it does not cause dependence. It affects the anxiety, bladder, kidney disease, toothache, muscle tension, some types of cancer, nervousness, insomnia, problems with digestion, problems with urinating by women, fear and anxiety.In addition to beer production, it is also widely used for the production of various medicinal natural products, such as dry hops extract, liquid infusion, alcohol tincture, teas additive, etc. This plant contains a high percentage of estrogen-like hormone, because of yhat it is used by the women. An excellent combination of menstrual pain reduction is the hops tea.

For digestive problems and intestinal problems, tea is recommended from a combination of hops, chamomile, mint and marshmallow, and is consumed several times a day. To soothe and reduce anxiety, tea is a combination of hops, chamomile, lime and valerian. For a better sleep, you can put a bag full of dry hops, lavender, chamomile, lime and lemon balm. This variant helps with insomnia.However, these preparations are not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children. Also, the use of this plant is not recommended in large quantities. If consumed to a large extent, it causes poisoning, which is manifested by nausea, vomiting, headache, and so on.



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