Homemade cherry liqueur: Easy to prepare and invented for the summer!

It started the season of cherries, and this amazing fruit with a sour-sweet taste can be used for preparation of confectionery, compotes, syrups, and a delicious liqueur – sweet aperitif, which we all love. If you have not prepared cherry liqueur or if you want to try a new technique, the simplest recipe is created as for you!



  • cherries
  • brandy
  • sugar


Wash the cherries and remove the handles and leaves. At the bottom of the jar put a higher row cherries, a then sprinkle them on the thick layer of sugar. Above the sugar arrange a second row cherries, and then another layer of sugar. Repeat this procedure until the jar is full almost to the top. The jar with this wonderful fruit, place it where there is plenty sunlight and close with a small plate (with no cover weights). When the sugar will be completely melted, fill the jar to the top with brandy, mix gently and close it with a lid. Leave the liquor to stand in a dark place at least a month. Then it will be ready for tasting.

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