Have you heard about amaranth? It’s about a food, which will conquer 2017!!

Amaranth is naturally gluten-free , it contains high protein grains like quinoa and was a key part of the diet of the ancient Aztecs. They definitely know how healthy to take the food !


What is amaranth?

Just like quinoa,the amaranth is dried seed . The Aztecs were the first, which cultivated it this pink flowering plant about 8,000 years ago and now it is growing worldwide in countries such as China, Peru, Mexico and Nigeria.Because it is naturally gluten-free, thw amaranth is great for a good and healthy breakfast – when you cook, it gets look similar to the porridge, and is easy to prepare, as well as for consumption.



  • An excellent source of calcium, magnesium and iron
  • Studies have shown that it can reduce cholesterol
  • A complete protein ,contains all the essential amino acids
  • It contains 9 grams of protein per serving, compared to 8 in quinoa

How to eat it?

Amaranth is an excellent choice for your first meal of the day, but there are many creative ways that you can serve it. If you love the ginoa, then you can use the same recipes. On the other hand, you can replace the amaranth with rice and you can get even healthier meal. Be creative!




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