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Guide: How to combine the colors?

Finding the correct combination of colors is one of the most important steps in designing stylish and holistic appierence.And this list can help you always to find the exact color as when choosing the colors of clothes, so in arranging the home.



White: it combines with everything, especially with the blue, red and black.

Beige:combined with blue, brown, emerald, black, red and white.

Grey: is combined with fuchsia, red, purple, pink and blue.

Pink:is combined with brown, white, mint green,, olive, gray, turquoise and light blue.

Fuchsia : It combines a gray, yellow-brown, mint green, the color of lime and brown.

Red: is combined with yellow, white, red, orange, green, blue and black.

Tomato red: is combined with green, mint green, the color of sand, creamy-white and gray.

Cherry red: is combined with Azure, gray, orange gentle, sandy color, pale yellow and beige.

Raspberry red, is combined with white and black they.

Brown: combined with  light cyan color, creamy, pink, yellow-brown, green and beige.

Light brown: is combined with bright yellow, creamy white, blue, green, purple and red.

Dark brown: is combined with the color of lime, green, mint green and violet-pink

Reddish brown: combined with pink, brown, blue, green and purple.

Orange: combined with cyan, blue, the color of lilacs, purple, white and black.

Bright orange: is combined with gray, brown they olive.

Dark orange:, is combined with pale yellow, olive, brown and cherry blossom.

Yellow: is combined with blue, lilac color, light cyan, gray and black.

Lemon yellow: is combined with cherry red, brown, blue and gray.

Pale yellow: is combined with fuksija, gray, brown, shades of red, yellow-brown, blue and purple.

Golden yellow, is combined with gray, brown, Azure, red and black.

Olive: is combined with orange, brown and light brown.

Green: is combined with golden-brown, orange, yellow, brown, gray, cream, black they creamy white.

Turquoise: is combined with fuchia, cherry red, yellow, brown, creamy they dark purple.

Cyan, is combined with red, gray, brown, orange, pink, white and yellow.

Dark blue, is combined with the color of lilacs, cyan, yellow green, brown, gray, yellow, orange, green, red and white.

Color of lilacs: is combined with orange, pink, dark purple, olive, gray, yellow and white.

Dark purple: is combined with golden brown, yellow, gray, turquoise, mint green and bright orange.

Black: black is universal and looks elegant with any color, but especially orange, pink, white, red, gray purple, and yellow.

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