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Green Pearl – Corfu

Surrounded by crystal clear sea. The most northern of the seven islands of the Ionian sea with breathtaking nature and magic. Emerald bays, luxurious hotels and beaches overgrown with olive trees.

Green Pearl - Corfu

Green Pearl - Corfu1

The tourist epicenter of the island of Corfu is a small town Sidari known for coves and rocks, as well as a channel of love. It is believed that if lovers swim across the channel will forever remain in love. One of the biggest parks of water in Europe with an area of 75 000 km2 is located just 9km from stealing Corfu.

Green Pearl - Corfu2

Austrian Court of Princess Elizabeth “Alihion”, is located in the beautiful garden of just 10km from the city. For lovers of shopping recommend the old city which will seduce you with a beautiful view of the fortress, numerous souvenir shops and the church of St. Spyridon.

Green Pearl - Corfu3

The ship Calypso is a real attraction for visitors; specially constructed transparent under decks offers underwater tours, sea lions and divers performing acrobatic performances.

Mediterranean food with fresh vegetables, lots of fish, pasta and homemade olive oil will refresh your sense of taste. Bread baked the traditional way, cheese made in the mountain villages and the famous wines produced without additives real hedonistic indulgence.

The most favorite meal in the island Is “Pastitsado” – consisting of beef and gravy, made with potatoes and pasta. Do not miss to try and “Bianco” – seafood cooked with lemon and onions.

Green Pearl - Corfu4

Green Pearl - Corfu5

Depending on whether you want to walk and visit the numerous sights offered by the island or choose to stay on one of the beautiful sandy beaches, a selection of luxurious and affordable hotels is enormous and can elect is yours. Enjoy this unforgettable journey!


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