Grab the season…

… and let all views to be locked on you. These combinations inspired by fashion shows and will shine everywhere where is entertainment and appearances. Seduce it with your magical appearance.

  • Pijama Party

Extremely soft and warm cloak, trendy nightgown and under it?Hot lingerie. Outwardly will you look like a snow princess, but inside you’re hiding a fatal seductress.

purple bra



black bra


  • Party at work

Start the season of parties with mirroring the success in the new year with a perfect dress for the Christmas party at work. Dazzling details for a brilliant career.

Highlight your figure with a narrow dress with glittering motifs.





  • Holiday shopping

An inevitable part of the festive euphoria is shopping. Long walks through the stores know to be strenuous. So you can wrap in a warm sweater, baggy pants and sexy boots and be sure to ask for a discount of charming salesman.


high heels1


  • Christmas Dinner

Let them all with his mouth slightly open when it comes to events of the traditional Christmas dinner. Select classic clothes with an elegant shape, and sensuality and refinement let you shine.

pink dress



pure beauty

  • Cocktail party

Short, sexy and shiny. Highlight your perfect figure of a cocktail party and enjoy the hungry eyes that will follow you the whole night.


drees 2


  • Date

Romantic  moment for a couple in the most magic period of the year – between the New Year and Christmas. You can choose a simply black dress and beige high heels. Is there a better period for loving then this one? You can use this Christmas magic with your stunning look.

nice dress

flower dress

black dress

pink dress1

  • Walking in a park

You can dress warm and go into the park. The formula is simple. Warm low boots, jeans, retro sweeter and thick montka. And of course don’t forget to drink a tea with rum and enjoy in the snowy idyll.





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