For all gourmands who want to travel: 7 islands with delicious food

Some of the most famous beaches, offering much more than just pearly white sand and crystal clear sea.

Due to the large number of natural beauties who possess Santorini, Mykonos or Sicily, all neglect the kitchen of these beautiful islands.

These destinations except seafood they have in abundance, offer other delicious dishes that you enjoy because of exotic spices and herbs that prepares chicken, moussaka, salads and many other dishes that you have not the opportunity to try them.

Find out which foods are the specialty of each of these islands and if you go soon to any of them,be ready for unforgettable experience.


The most popular Indonesian island for the tourists is a true paradise on earth. Enjoying will complement and the gastronomic offer which is based on dishes whose main ingredient is rice, and combined with chicken, beef and vegetables. Tasty and healthy.


On this beautiful island, filled with many restaurants and clubs, the most famous specialty is Louza loukaniko, a special kind of sausages and Kopanisti, kind of goat cheese that originates from there.


Considering the fact that vegetables, fruits and grains grown on volcanic soil, Whole Foods this wonderful Greek island, has a special flavor.

With the fish be sure to try and the white tomato, and to meat lovers is recommend Sutsukaki, kebabs with tomato and Souvlaki, Shish Kebab with lamb.


In Italy, especially on the islands,you should gave the food a  special attention and something you must try to Arancini, which are sold behind every corner, or fried rice balls stuffed with minced meat and smoked ham in tomato sauce.

There is a vast array of foods with rich flavor, like croquettes – fried balls of potato with spices, or Pizzetti, or mini pizza and many other dishes that you have to explore and taste.


In Crete you can enjoy all the traditional recipes of Greek cuisine, such as Sarmite from grape leaves and the spinach pies. However, this island has own specialties as Dakos – kind of bread with tomatoes, feta, olives and spices

And lovers of good necessarily try the creme cheese, sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon and taste to complement the excellent local wine as Kotsifali.


Popular dessert on the Italian island of course is the ice cream and the favorite flavors are from Stracciatella, almond and lemon. The specialty of the island is pizza with ham and figs. Would you like to try?


If you enjoy in the seafood, this is a destination invented for you. Well, even if you’ll be able to catch dinner, the chefs will gladly prepare it for you though a mandatory addition of sauce with spices.

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