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Glorious ladies who really have no luck in love

If ever, even for a second, you think that you are the only ones in the world who are “cursed” because of the unhappy relationships, remember that there are famous women who have all the same love for their whole life.

Love hurts. Even when you are known, rich, successful, smart and beautiful woman.

For years we have been hearing about the unsuccessful relationships of these glorious ladies, so we must conclude that they really have no luck in love..

Sandra Bullock (53)
Sandra Bullock can not blame anyone else except herself for the fact that there is no happiness in love. As many say about her, the actress loves “bad guys” from Hollywood. One of them is her ex-husband, Jesse James, who was a rather terrible husband, and the marriage ended scandalously after the details of his many scams were made in public.

After the divorce, Sandra herself adopted a boy, and a few years later a little girl. After the marital shipwreck, the actress entertained with  Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans, Michael McDonald, and lastly with Brian Randall, with whom they reportedly are in a hot-cold relationship.

Halle Berry (51)
Halle Berry has a very dark love past. Three times he was divorced: from baseball player David Jastis, singer Eric Bennett and actor Olivier Martinez.

With the Canadian model and actress, Gabrielle Audrey has a daughter, for which she has undergone severe court battles over custody, and Olivier received a son four years ago.

Although she never publicly revealed with who she was talking about, the actress openly acknowledged and said she was a victim of violence, and that she was in a violent relationship in her youth too.

Jennifer Aniston (49)
Although half the world still mourns the infamous end of marriage between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, it’s not the only unlucky affair for the American public’s pet.

After breaking up the marriage with one of the most beautiful man in the world, Jen was having fun with John Mayer, Vince Vaughn and Paul Sculfor, and eventually she married Justin Teru in 2015. After three full years of marriage, the couple officially announced that their love had come to an end, and it is becoming more and more aware that Jennifer will be a solo girl in the ’50s.

Charlize Theron

However, there is a rather thorny love life behind her. She is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood but she is still alone for these three years.

The most famous connection, however, is probably the latest – with actor Sean Penn. Craig Bierko, Stuart Townsend, Keanu Reeves and Alexander Skarsgard, as well as musician Stephen Jenkins, are on the list with Charlize Theron’s former partners.

Today she is the mother of two adopted children, and whether we will see her in a wedding dress in the future, it remains time to show.

Kylie Minogue (49)
Ah, Kylie! She walked with more famous men, including Olivier Martinez, Calvin Harris, Lenny Kravitz and Jason Donovan. There was also a small adventure with the married Jean-Claude Van Dam.

After breaking the brawl with 19 years younger British actor Joshua Sas, the Australian singer has been solo for some time.She recently admitted that she had a nervous breakdown due to the end of love, and that she would never have children.


Drew Barrymore (43)
The most sweet face between Charlie’s Angels, actress Drew Barrymore, has three failed marriages behind. She was married to Jeremy Thomas, Tom Green and Will Kopelman, and twice engaged.

Drew finished with Leland Hayward III when he was only 16, but as he usually does with teenage relationships, love burst very quickly. When we say fast, we think of three months.

She was also involved with musician and actress Jamie Walters, and from other relationships were those with Billy Idol, Edward Norton, Luc Wilson, Justin Long and Jason Siegel.

Taylor Swift (28)
Taylor may have entered into  the music world as a young and innocent country singer, but the number of men she has been walking over the last few years is truly impressive. However, she did not stay with any partner for more than a year, which is why many say she is following the curse of fame.

In contrast, certainly does not help the fact that Taylor writes an autobiographical poem after each break, where she reveals details of the former. A number of famous names include Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Eddie Redman, Zack Efron, Harry Stiles, Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston.

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