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Girls, are you ready to fall in love with the menthol green?

Among the fashion trends, a special place has always taken the colors, and in the center of attention, during each conceivable, there is a new nuance that we suddenly see in all fashion combinations. So, the year behind us marked the powdery pink color, and the trends for the new season are increasingly showing that the red color is a potential queen for the fall that comes.

However, there is a special favourit in the season, which, as it seems to us,it  comes as an alternative to those who are saturated with powdery pastel shades. Just as the new season symbolizes new beginnings and a fresh start, so the menthol green color brings refreshment in our wardrobe.

This color looks divinely in contrast to the sunny summer tan, which is even more pronounced in a pair with menthol shades.

Menthol will dominate in the next season, in all pieces of clothing. Connect this color with jeans, and if you wear a dress in this nuance, simply put a denim jacket on it.

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