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The girl experiences her “5 minutes of fame” on Instagram because she is a copy of Beyoncé

20-year-old Britney Williams of Detroit drew a large number of followers on Instagram due to the incredible similarity with Beyoncé.

In addition to the fact that people write to her every day how much she looks like a pop star, Britney says that she often stops on the street and they think it’s Beyoncé.

Although the similarity between them is tremendous, Britany do not think so much and even bother people constantly with that story.

“Honestly, I do not think we really look like that. She is a beautiful woman, just like me. The Lord created her to be Beyoncé, and me to be myself. And I enjoy being myself, “said Britney in an interview with” MTO News “.

Below are the photos from her Instagram profile that is similar to Beyonce:


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