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Fruits and vegetables that contain more Vitamin C than the orange!

When you say vitamin C, the first association of most of us is the orange. Indeed, oranges deserve good image because it is rich in this vitamin. More specifically, a small orange has about 50 mg of vitamin C.

Considering that the recommended daily dose of vitamin C for an adult woman is 75mg, meaning that consumption of only two oranges will be able to surpass it.However, there are fruits and vegetables that contain more vitamin C than oranges.

Red paprika

Mild red peppers usually part of the Macedonian cuisine as ajvar or lutenica. But increasingly we need to incorporate raw in salads to derive the maximum of their power.

A cup filled with red peppers cut into strips contain an impressive 231mg vitamin C.



It’s no secret that broccoli is a superfood. Abound in variety of vitamins and minerals and are fantastic allies to preserve health.

In a cup full of fresh chopped broccoli has 81mg of vitamin C.



Irresistible strawberries not are only more delicious but are incredibly healthy and are low in calories.

Fill a cup with whole strawberries and enter 85mg vitamin C.



And kiwi beat the oranges when it comes to vitamin C. This sour green fruit with small black seeds you can buy throughout the year and you should never skip it.

In a kiwi fruit has 64mg of vitamin C, while in a cup full of sliced kiwi has even 167mg.



While papaya is not typical for our country, it is worth to include in the diet. Known as the “fruit of the angels”, it is an excellent source of vitamin C and guardian of digestive health.

A small papaya contains 96mg vitamin C.



In recent years kale rises on a pedestal by nutritionists. This leafy vegetable is indicated as a superhero in the prevention of many diseases.
A cup full of chopped kale gives you 80mg of vitamin C.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts does not have a tempting taste, but the nutritional value of the vegetables should motivate you regularly place it on your table. Besides being rich in vitamin C, it is an excellent source of vitamin K.

A cup full of Brussels sprouts includes 75mg vitamin C.



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