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Both French villages that were the inspiration for “Beauty and the Beast”!

Before Bella tame the beast and stuck into the beautiful palace, she lived in a magical village where she spent the days reading and draming fo a life like fairytale.

For the beautiful place where she lived, the creators of Disney drew inspiration from the two French villages distant  one from another no more than 10 kilometers.

Medieval villages Riquewihr and Ribeauvillé look like a picture from a fairy tale. Full of cheerful houses in all colors, fountains, antique stores with candles, dolls, clocks and bowls that maybe alive through the night.

The books of Bella can be found in the local library, and there is also a bakery where every day locals bought baguettes in the animated film.

If you want truly to experience the magic of these places, you can wander around all day and finally to sleep in one of the castles that surround these villages.

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