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Freezing at -25 ° C, eating a cruel liver of bison: The most terrible experiences of the actors of the shootings

Hollywood is not just down to stylists, floodlights and a lot of money. The acting profession carries weight and challenges.

At first glance, it seems that there is no danger in the cinema world.But often it is not so. The actors must faced with various challenges during the shootings.

In order successfully to capture their characters, they sometimes suffer:

Leonardo DiCaprio
On filming the movie “The Revenant” he had to eat a crude liver of bison despite the fact that he was a vegetarian.

He took a lot of pounds for this role and released a beard, but it worth it.

Sylvester Stallone
In the movie “The Climb”, the actor had to overcome his fear of heights.

When he accepted the role, he did not expect himself to perform tricks at a height, but “the fearless Rambo” gathered courage for the challenge and managed to overcome the fear.

Matt Damon
At the shooting of the movie “We bought a zoo,” Matt Damon had to fight with his snake’s fears. He was disappointed when he heard that the shooting animals were real, not computer-added.

Tobey Maguire
The Spider-Man star was afraid of the heights, but the role was so attractive that he decided to challenge himself and accept it.

Natalie Portman
Prior to the filming of “Black Swan” for the character of the ballerina, the actress had to lose weight with stressful diets and strenuous trainings that had a negative effect on her mental state during that period, but luckily the film turned out to be a real masterpiece.

Nicole Kidman
Nicole looks gentle and brittle. During the filming of the musical “Moulin Rouge,” she broke one rib as she danced the dancing partner in the air, and then another one when she was clamped in the corset.

But Nicole Kidman continued bravely with filming and the film turned out to be incredible.

Charlize Theron
The actress in the filming of “Snow White and the Hunter” in many scenes was to scream so loudly and long that she hurt the abdominal muscles and ended up in hospital.

The actors from “The Game of Thrones”
The shooting of the seventh season of the famous series was at -25 ° C in Iceland.

They were without hats on the strong winds, cold and ice, but bravely survived and recorded the scenes.

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