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You want to seduce, to charm and mesmerize? Choose a perfume that will make him turn on you?

In the month in which we celebrate love, we chose several perfumes with romantic notes, which will inspire confidence and will help of fix their seductive skills.

  • Poison, Christian Dior

Heavy, deep, fatal note of this perfume has the smell of incense, located at its base. The combination of coriander, plum, berries, anise and rosewood makes it very sexy and elegant.


  • Venezia, Laura Biagiotti

Feminine, seductive and very elegant mix of fruit and floral essences. The above notes of plum, peach and blackcurrant them pave the way for intoxicating Ylang – Ylang , osmanthus and jasmine, while the base beige trail of sandalwood, vanilla, resin and amber.


  • L’AIR Du Temps – Nina Ricci

On top of the pyramid are scented pink, peach, essential oils of neroli, bergamot and rose. Delicate notes of violet and iris offer composition of shade, which is cracked with woody tones of sandalwood and cedar.


  • Illicit, Jimmy Choo

The above notes of ginger and bitter orange rely on the smell of roses and jasmine. Then place give way with the sweet aromas of honey and amber, which form the base of the perfume.


  • Velvet Mimosa Bloom, Dolce & Gabbana

The fresh and sophisticated fragrance that always dominates the scent of mimosa yellow, complemented by the sharp scent of neroli, Bergen and mandarin. The base flower essences of violet and narcissus do – feminine


  • Olympea, Paco Rabanne

Feminine aroma is due to a combination of vanilla and jasmine. In the lower notes is mandarin, but the intense smell of ginger not leaving much space. How wonderful supplement its basic elements come – ambergris and cashmere.


  • Goldea, Bulgari

Passionate notes of smoky musk, raspberries, Bergen and Orange are the winning combination for a sexy and luxurious fragrance. Thanks to the scent of patchouli, amber and Egyptian papyrus, and this perfume a touch of elegance and extravagance.



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