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Four most mysterious places on Earth where tourist visits are prohibited!

With sufficient funds, wish and desire to travel, everyone can travel wherever he wants. But there are some places on our planet where no one single person could visit them, because they are forbidden access. In addition, read about the 5 most mysterious familiar places where no one tourist would want to test his fate.

  1. Surtsey

Reason for the Prohibition of visit: Scientific experiments


In 1963 the year, the water in Iceland erupted an underwater volcano and briefly formed a new island of 2.7 square kilometers. The island currently has received great attention from scientists from different countries, as an example of island formation and start a new life. Since then, Surtsey, named after the mythological character BSS – the leader of the fire giants used for scientific purposes only and is prohibited for tourists.

  1. Grande Island Quemada

Reason for the Prohibition of visit: Poisonous snakes

Also known as snake island Quemada Grande is located about 35 km from Brazil and looks like a real paradise. But to visit it you may pay with life, because it is full of poisonous snakes: Every 0.43 kilometers live about 4,000 snakes. The most dangerous among them is “bothrops insularis” or golden snake whose venom is 5 times stronger than the venom of other snakes. The death occurs immediately after the bit.

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  1. North Sentinel

Reason to forbid the visit: Aggressive indigenous population

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This island is home to a tribe of dangerous Sentinelese who avoids all contact with civilization and strongly refuses visits. According to scientists, natives spent 60,000 years in isolation from the rest of the human world. These people actively defend their territory: In 2004 th shot in the Indian government helicopter flew over the island to check whether the population needs some help after the tsunami hit. Their latest victims were a few fishermen who lost ever, since the Indian government issued orders people to stay away from the island.


  1. Ise grand shrine

Reason to forbid the visit: Only for the elite

Reason to ban visit: Only for the elite


One of the most important shrines in Japan is a complex of temples of Ise Jing. The main temple is surrounded by a high wooden fence, where they can enter only clerics and senior members of the royal family. By 1945 th year, Ise was more difficult place to visit: Sanctuary separated from the rest of the world with river Motagua that symbolized the common border and the Holy Land. The monks were forbidden to cross the river because it was believed that it would destroy the sanctity of the temple and will cause major problems for Japan.




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