Forest pink kiss

 Forest pink kiss

From fashion shows of Burberry and Givenchy, lips colored berries or tasty red wine you carry in just a few steps. They are easy for application and sensual for kissing.

Here you can find your perfect shade:

Porcelain skin

Option 1: The red and the cherry lipsticks are providing the appropriate heat porcelain skin, especially if its foundation has blue.


Option2: Warm tones of peach are the perfect choice, just be careful they should not to be so bright.


  • Olive/Beige skin

Option 1: It is important to highlight the natural heat of the skin, and you can do it that with shades that have an orange or a pink base.


Option 2 : If you choose a tint color of the skin let it be at least two shades darker.


  • Chocolate/ Dark skin


Option 1: Pretty shades for you are brick red and wine red. You should avoid the brown tones.


Option 2: If you want a little more eccentric appearance and you have this tan, you’re the girl that can wear black lipstick that will perfectly suits you.



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