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For the lovers of caffeine: A new coffee machine that can replace the others!

Coffee lovers, we have good news for you. There is a new type of coffee maker that attracts huge attention of Kickstarter because believe it or not, it can prepare 3 types of coffee with just one mechanism of working! It is about GINA!


This coffee maker you can prepare warm boiled, filter and cold coffee. It also has a built-in scales, and with its help will always hit the perfect amount of coffee and water.

The Coffee machine can also be linked with the application on your smartphone where you have a number of guidelines for the preparation of various types of coffees. The program also measures the time of preparation and remember notes to help you find the recipe for the perfect cup of coffee. On the other hand, the design is so sleek that can fit in any place of your home.

GINA comes in black, white and silver and is still in the phase of raising funds for making Kickstarter. It is expected that the first model will arrive in April 2017 and will costs about $ 160.

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