For fans of dark varnish: A few tricks that you must master

Just like the clothing, in colder days we are wearing darker makeup and dark varnish for the nails too.

However, given the high contrast produced in terms of skin color and nail not they look untidy and unattractive; it is the application of varnish that will bring them to perfection.


These are tricks that you must master before you apply varnish in one of the darker shades:

  1. soft base

Before applying dark varnish, first you must make the nail varnished. These varnishes further emphasize all the imperfections and any unevenness will be even more visible. To avoid this, make your nails with special soft file.

  1. essential base

Certainly do not paint your nails before applying clear nail polish. It will prevent the creation of stains that sometimes remain from the dark arches.

  1. Vaseline for precision

To prevent application of varnish on the nail skin, put a little Vaseline. After varnishing the nails you can easily remove so that you can remove the nails with a dry towel. This rule especially applies to those girls with lighter complexion because such errors are much more visible than those with darker.

  1. thin layers

Dark varnishes are dried more slowly than in brighter colors. Therefore, be sure to apply thin layers of varnish forever not wait to dry.

  1. Top coat

Apart slowly dried the dark varnishes and can much faster to peel. To prevent such a disaster, be sure to apply a top coat which will further strengthen the arc, and will accelerate its drying. It can be plain or transparent varnish specially bought for this purpose.

  1. cover imperfections

If the elbow still peeled, do new layer to application because the result will be untidy appearance. Instead, the peeled sections apply only point varnish and wait to spill alone. When it will dry you can apply the top coat.

  1. Removing the varnish

Before you remove the nail dark varnish, on the hands make a massage with a little olive oil. This trick prevents stains from dark varnish on your skin.

  1. additional cleaning

Unless it remains you  traces of the parties and after removing the liners, Put a clean mascara brush in acetone and gently remove debris. Also, you can try with an old toothbrush, but the result may not be equally effective.

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