Food that nutritionists never eat it, so you should try the same!

In general, the advice of nutritionists is that you need to enter a variety of foods if you want to keep your health and the line up. However, even in the most diverse diet there is a “black list” of groceries.

If you need to select several products that you shouldn’t consume, the choice would be:

Hot dog
“It does not matter what kind of flesh is, simply the meat is processed and full of sodium.”

Peanut butter with reduced fat
“Fat in peanut butter is healthy, and their removal is done by adding various sugars and additives.”

Alfredo sauce on pasta
Alfredo’s sauce is a combination of butter and a lot of Parmesan, so nutritionists say it’s a “heart attack served in a plate.”

“Butter is a great substitute, and for cooking – olive oil.”

Hot cheese
“Cheese in cheese is an industrially processed, unnatural product that has many extracts and chemicals. Hardly contain 50% real cheese. ”

Red meat
“Red meat is closely linked to the onset of inflammation, and it also increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.”

Mixed alcoholic beverages, cocktails
“They have as many calories as a whole meal, and they do not bring you any benefits and satiety.”


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