Five fascinating stories about the most popular books by Stephen King

 Five fascinating stories about the most popular books by Stephen King

Stephen King is one of the greatest writers of all the time and its popularity has earned their ability to shock the reader. But where he drew the ideas for their stories?


Most writers will tell you that the idea for the novel can emerge from nowhere, with no real context. Many of the works of Stephen King are the result of specific incidents or events that have occurred to the author in person. Here some of them:

  • Pet Sematry


The famous book and even more famous film of the same name in 1989 speak of a man who uses the power of the ancient cemetery to revive his dead dog.

The scenario is reminiscent of a period in the author’s life, when he lived in Maine where he was a university professor; the university was located next to a busy street. Because of the frequent traffic accidents in domestic pets that died, local children built a cemetery for pets in a field near the house of the King.


  • “ The Shining”


Shining cult thriller from 1980 was inspired by the old hotel. In 1974, King and his wife spent a night in the “great old hotel” in Estes Park called Stanley.

They were the only guests at the hotel. One night, King had a nightmare in which his son was burned by fire. That evening he wrote the story.

  • “ The Mist”


The fog is inspired by thunderstorms when one night Stephen has visited  the supermarket and one night, King witnessed particularly violent thunderstorms.

The next day, he went to supermarket with his son where he had a vision of what he called “the great prehistoric reptiles” flying around.


  • “Misery”


If you thought that King inspiration for his masterpiece      “Misery” received from the personal experience of its fans, then you are wrong. This story was inspired by the short story “The Man who loved Dickens” by Evelyn Vogue. The story was about a man who was a prisoner in South America by his boss who loved the tales of Charles Dickens.

  • The Carrie”


The inspiration for the character Carrie was composed of two girls who King knew in high school. The story is largely talking about female strength and fear of sexuality.


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