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Five colors in the home according to Feng Shui!

Feng Shui is more than proper arrangement of furniture to your home circulating positive energy. Special attention is given to the colors in space, helping to establish harmony, bring happiness, love and stability in a good financial situation.

Red for happiness

Red traditionally in many cultures is associated with love. However, Feng Shui adds a slightly different role. Red represent fire that willbring joy at your home, happiness and even excitement. You must carefully use The Red colour. Do not overdo it in the bedroom. It is the color that activates Yang that passion, so you will not be able to relax and sleep in the bedroom. Better enter red in the kitchen because it will speed up the digestion, and in the morning you’ll be more creative and more aweken.

Blue for peace and concentration

There are many shades of blue, each of which can change the look of the room to the fullest. Whatever the shade is, the blue color brings power, freedom, helps concentration and calms the nerves.

Feng shui advises … the blue colour enter in bathrooms or room who breastfeed the child, read or study.

Yellow and gold colour for health

Yellow is much more than sun shade. According to Feng Shui, this color represents the power and stimulate health, even the fertility. Start gradually to enter into your home with small objects or domestic plants.We advised you to use the yellow or gold color in the office, because it helps with headaches, stress and enhances the successful creation of new business contacts.

Purple colour for treasure

The purple color in Chinese culture as well as in the rest of the world, representing the royal families, influential dynasties and promises wealth. Start with a light and elegant shades such as lavender hue.The purple color will best fit in the financial center of the home, which is the left side of the front door.

Green colour is growth and recovery

The green color according to Feng Shui, you can enter it in any room in the home. It brings balance and harmony.


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