First victory: Tijana Dapcevic Maestral in the role of Lady Gaga in ” Your face sounds familliar” (video)

Tijana Dapcevic again showed that she has an enviable vocal and acting skills at a high level.

Tijana Dapcevic in the second episode of the fourth season of the music show “Your face sounds familiar” was assigned to imitate Lady Gaga. Her performance was masterful, and the members of the jury oppressed with words full of praise.

Tiana revealed that it is her real honor and pleasure to imitate a world-class diva from Lady Gaga’s caliber.

Tiana flashed onto the stage in a flashy overalls with a coat and then in a long red-and-black dress, identical to that of Gaga. During the show, she was accompanied by the most beautiful Serbian fashion models in lingerie, whom the hostess of jokes called the angels of “YFSF”.


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