Film: Atomic Blonde

A secret agent was sent to Berlin during the Cold War in order to investigate the killing of another agent and find a list of double agents..

Charlize Theron interprets the role of Lorraine Broughton , an elite spy from MI6. Her mission is in Berlin during the Cold War, where she needs to find a list of secret operatives. She soon joins David Persival (James McCayway), who will help her move around the city and win the dangerous spy games, but it will not take much time before she realizes she can not trust anyone.

Starting from the British and the Russians, to the Americans and the French, there is no one who does not want to see her dead. But she is not afraid of anything and anyone, so she easily mastered every situation she faces.

In addition to turbulent and colorful action, the film also features a complex story that will make you get into it and although it is not completely original or something unheard of (you can easily predict a large part of the events even before they happen) , However, Lorraine’s character is a real refreshment and therefore is the biggest reason why you will have no doubt in enjoing this film.



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