Before the festive period is the perfect time to experiment with glitter and shine!

New Year’s holidays are perfect for those who like glow, beads and something more intense makeup, which otherwise do not have the courage to put it, and they need a reason to get away from their make-up routine. In these days you can afford literally everything, glossy eyes or lips, shiny eyelashes or those in colors.

Silver, gold and red are the traditional colors that we love during the holidays, and of course, we all have these nuances in our nursery, so we will not need to buy new products. However, if you want to be honored with something new, we suggest interesting trousers or a red lipstick that you will be able to wear in the rest of the year.

In order to make it easy for you to make perfect festive makeup, we found a video tutorial that will explain you step by step how to look like a queen!


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