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Festive magic in your home

The smell of hot tea with cinnamon and delicious warm cookie is a true symbol of snowy winter holidays. This is the period of the year when people want to share beautiful moments and celebrate.

But of course it is also a time when all fans of decorations in the home have a chance to show their skills and jewelry space with his favorite festive magic. To help in decorative dilemmas for you we separated the leading trends in these annual Christmas decorations. Classic or bold and modern, they will make your home more beautiful than ever.

  • Metallic combined with pastels


metalic pastel

Golden shades enrich the festive atmosphere for a long time, but this year they got a slight modification in warm metallic colors such as copper, brass and bronze. They are perfect for the cold season, causing a feeling of warmth and incredible effects when they reflect light rays. Refresh these rich colors; make up the decoration with typical pastel shades and vibrant Christmas. It wouldn’t be wrong if you choose this year baby pink, lime, mint and turquoise combination, it will look stunning.



  1. Snowy forest of fairy tales

Classic festive decoration never goes out of fashion. Nordic patterns, antlers, bare branches, fur and Christmas wreaths. This well-known style worships all. For this season to bring new life into this classic trend, designers from around the world suggest the walls hang photos with prints of idyllic winter scenes and wildlife. Another major trend is Chabby  -chic style composed of many natural materials such as wood, straw or wool creates a sense of romantic home. Especially great advantage is that a number of decorations can be prepared at home and those still to be trendy.





  • Mystical charms

Great news for mystical ladies. Christmas shops ample decorations in dark, deep and magical colors, balanced with great splendor. If you choose monochrome decor, it is best to include a number of different textures and materials. You can combine matte with glossy materials with shiny weathered and rough with the smooth. Yellow – golden tint is an excellent choice that will reinvigorate the mysterious dark decoration and make festive and joyful. Gold also goes great in combination with glass and porcelain. And remember, at this time of year, you can never overdo with shiny details!





  • Holiday paradise

This trend replaced traditional Christmas animals such as deer, foxes and birds but not any birds, but the peacocks! These colorful, feathery creatures with long tails are certainly downloaded from heaven. They have found their place as the Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas motifs of fabrics. To achieve the effect, replace the classic paper bags or gift boxes with feathers in bright color.

nice candle

gree lam



  • Spring arrival

 Waiting for spring with impatience ? Why this year you do not make New Year’s holidays a little more interesting and decorate the house with flowers and flowering branches? Ice white, flowers, ribbons, deer, rabbits and eggs. Although the decor looks a typical Easter still , but is a popular trend for this winter.




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