Festive inspiration: 7 ideas for elegant, feminine and sexy hairstyles!

With the early November somehow naturally comes that ugly question enthusiastically – where for the celebration of the new year? Many feel that it is still early for that, while some have already planned the perfect welcome or have an idea about what they want.Well, unless is not earlier about this issue, then it’s no early for inspiration when it comes to holiday hairstyles, isn’t  it?


1. As that the New Year is considered extremely formal event, one of voting on many will be hair that is synonymous with elegance and style – bun. A bit messy, but still charming and ultimately quite practical if you go to party or in a restaurant. “Hanging” earrings with the bun will be a real shot!


2. On the other hand, no matter what occasion you expect, quite straight hair is always good and “checked” option.


3. For girls who want elevated hair, here’s another practical hairstyle – a high, straight back. Along with this stylized hair, your makeup will be entirely visible and striking jewelry can also be a good supplement.


4.  In accordance with the festive atmosphere, if you want simple hairstyles, it shall be sufficient to choose impressive hair ornament that attracts attention and with it you can decorate your hairstyle. Simple and always efficient.


5. It can be said that these two hairstyles marked the last year –  bun on the top of the head or semi elevated hair and the second cut is certainly braids. So why not completed this year in that style and make some of these two favorite hairstyles? Of course, when it comes to braids, you have a really big room for experimentation.


6. Ceremonial occasion always associated with formal hairstyles, and the festive hairstyles always associated with curls and waves. Whether you choose a mild, soft and discrete locks, or locks in Hollywood style, will look elegant, feminine and sexy.


7. fashion shows of our famous brands presented hairstyles that are required for the the coming seasons, but which we can try it already , welcoming the New Year. Interesting knot or bun from the low enriched tail ribbon in a color that does not always have to be black, will be an excellent choice for the girls who do not want to complicate too much.



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