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Fashion Icon: Grace Kelly!

Beauty that wins breathtaking charm and grace of a swan, refinement and elegance, unforgettable charisma, porcelain face … Grace Kelly lived a fairy tale on the big screen and in the real life too.

The wonderful Muse of Alfred Hitchcock epitomizes the style of the 50s of last century. Numerous fashion designers to this day draw inspiration from the style of-blue Eyed Beauty from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

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The timeless style legend, called “ice princess” shows that “less is more”, building on her style simple but with elegant creations, which leads to perfection, paying extreme attention to fashion details.

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Grace Patricia Kelly was born on November 12, 1929 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and comes from an influential family.

Since early age she dreams of becoming a successful Hollywood actress, but building a career in the film world has been hampered by her parents.

Not wanting to come to terms with it and to suppress her ambitions, Grace decided bravely to fight the obstacles and challenges and slowly but surely, to climb to the top. The first step towards fulfilling the Hollywood dream, Kelly makes a recording of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.The ambitious girl uses her beauty to cover the cost of the education. Namely,Kelly becomes a model, plunging engagement in the fashion industry after the academic hours.Firmly pursuing her ambitions and proudly showing she can be independent , she just with its 19-year-old gets her diploma from the Academy.

A year later, Grace begins to win the stage. Her talent, professionalism, dedication and beauty, not remain unnoticed by most Hollywood directors. Soon she hypnotizes Hollywood and became one of the highest paid actresses.

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In her short film career, Grace captures eleven films and is part of several television series. Role in the film “The Country Girl” is helping to won the Oscar for Best Actress in 1954 and won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a supporting role for the film “Mogambo”.She is the perfect heroine of Hitchcock, as he loves to say “an excellent example of sexual elegance.”

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The romantic story of the successful film Lady with the prince of Monaco, Rainier III, it began in 1955. Grace and Rainier are introduced in the royal palace in Monaco, at a time when she meets with the French actor Jean-Pierre Aumont. Several months later, Rainier attend the charming Kelly in America where he engaged her.

In one breath, Kelly gave up a career that built with much effort and dedicates the rest of her life to person and the nation that does not know them. The engage ring adorns the hand of Hollywood beauty is complemented by a diamond of 10.47 carats and is the work of French luxury jewelry company Cartier.Today the ring is estimated at 3 million pounds.

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The royal wedding ceremony, Kelly flashed with full splendor. Grandiose wedding of Princess of Monaco fraud sighs at anyone who looked. Elegant wedding gown designed by Helen Rose is remembered in the fashion industry, and for its creation took six weeks of hard work of about 30 seamstresses, 270 meters antique Belgian lace and 140 meters of silk taffeta and tulle.

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About 600 guests attended on the “wedding of the century”, held on 19 April 1956 and is considered about the most glamorous wedding in the history.

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Many found the similarity in the wedding dress of Grace and Duchess Catherine wedding dress that she wore at her wedding with the prince William in 2011.


The Royal Wedding of Kelly open her doors to a new world in which she received a completely new role. As Princess of Monaco, she is forced to give up acting and focus on her duties as a wife and mother and begins to engage in humanitarian activities.

Under her initiative are founded hospitals, orphanages and foundations, all it was financed by funds raised at charity balls she arranged.

Grace and Rainier are the parents of three children – Prince Albert and Princesses Caroline and Stephanie.



In the days when she is “Queen of Hollywood” her style exudes with elegance and sophistication, and does not change once she becomes part of the royal family of Monaco. Grace favors dresses that “scream” femininity  creations that highlight the thin body with skirts and A-line coats and cloaks made of fur.Her stylistic choices, the charming and aristocrat Kelly complements with the exceptional pearl and diamond jewelry, impressive hats, scarves and fashion accessories, hair thin belt at the waist, elegant bags and white gloves that are an integral part of her styling.

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One of the bags that Grace used to conceal the pregnant belly by media photographers comes from fashion house Hermès and later was named “The Kelly Bag”.


While she can afford luxury, she brings the same maternity dresses through all the three pregnancies.

Green silk dress that Grace received the golden statuette from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts was designed by Edith Head and was recorded in history as a symbol of elegance on the red carpet.



Unfortunately, Kelly didn’t experiencing old age. The ominous day for the lady with a big heart was September 14, 1982. The life of the favorite princess of thousands of people died as a result of the injuries from a car accident in Monaco.Driving on the Azure Cost, Grace didn’t experiencing a mild stroke and lost the control of the car in which is her daughter Stephanie too. After a short time in hospital, Kelly exhaled for the last time at 52 years of age.

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While the story of Grace Kelly captures in many books and films, her spirit lives on in the current ruler on the Monaco, Prince Albert II, her dedication and work continues to inspire by Princess Caroline and her sense of creativity and adventure is built into the Princess Stephanie.

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“I prefer to be remembered as someone who made a useful cases and was kind and good person. I would like to leave the impression of a human being with the correct attitude, which did her best to help others. ”

“The natural role of women is to be a pillar of the family.”

“I am basically a feminist. I think women can do what they decide to do. ”

“The emancipation of the women made them lose their mystery.”

“I avoid looking back. I prefer good memories before remorse. ”

Grace Kelly

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