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A fantastic luxury of rustic and industrial style!

The modern rustic decoration often fits perfectly with the style of industrial design …

The combination of rustic furniture and accents of the industrial style, as a result, gives us a very interesting contrast – the background of concrete and metal, ideally melts with the warm tones of wood and natural rattan. Just look at this loft that we present to you – at first glance, it seems that everything in it is old and found, as if it was brought from an old industrial building.

Under the sofa in the living room there is a carpet at an interesting angle, which in its unique way invites you to sit down and take a break, and then brings you to the dining-room. The eclectic pair of tables and old pots make up this ideal central décor of the apartment.

An industrial style dining room consists of a wooden table with colored details and a set of six chairs with the same design. Rustic cuisine is the ideal companion in the dining room with the same style. The metal and wooden stuffing boxes fill the space under the beautiful rustic console.

The bedroom decoration is a change of rhythm in this loft, with baskets of natural warm rattan, which dominate the design pattern. The two rattan chandeliers illuminate the space to the bed, where the whiskey is big enough for a cup of tea and a teapot, which helps to relax and sink into a dream.


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