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Enhance your walls with a sophisticated touch of exotic chic!!

Borneo … the paradise on Earth, stunning sandy beaches, magnificent rainforests … the name of this island in Southeast Asia, surrounded by a crystal blue sea, in its original form, probably means “people from the sea” … This unique collection is an ode to joy that invites you to sprinkle in the splendor and gorgeous breathtaking vegetation.

The Borneo collection features wall-paper wallpapers in rich and luxurious colors, mosaics of elegant natural materials that reflect the beauty of this exotic island. It combines precious natural products, handmade from skillful craftsmen, with ecological wall coverings with matte textures.

The range of colors includes neutral, gentle tones, as well as stronger, darker shades. Here are the sand – the bell, the walnut, the pastel blue, the powdered pink, turquoise, greenish-yellowish, even the presence of deep red shades.

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