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Emergency help after New Year: Food that facilitates the hangover!

The next morning after New Year, follows the hangover.Usually on this day because of the headache we’re reaching for pills. But instead of that, it is good to heal with food and drinks.

Here is what can help you with the hangover:




Coffee is always the only thing that can help you recovered and to get out of bed, even a little to forgot about the headache.



Then follow liquids which will help you against the strong dehydration of the body. It is best to combine various fruits and do not abandon the banana because it is rich in potassium (which will help you to get rid of the headache).



You shouldn’t immediately rush to the nearest Snack, but this fat from fast food can help you to absorb the remaining alcohol.

“Bloody Mary”

We do not encourage you to continue with alcohol, but if you’re among those who believe that it can help you,then this cocktail is best option.



Eggs contain lots of protein and amino acids that will help you to eliminate the alcohol from the blood and can protect the liver from the harmful effects of alcohol.


Green juice of vegetables and fruits

Green fruits and vegetables will help you to hydrate and be full with vitamins and minerals that will quickly reduce the amount of alcohol in the blood.


Chicken soup

Classical emergency help against the hangover which will regenerate your liver.


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