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What does Ellen DeGeneres make to look like 40?

Ellen DeGeneres looks almost the same after we remember that she started her show, and if we tell you that she had 60 on January 26th, you will find it hard to believe.

How does it work?

She does not wear a lot of makeup
Her routine for beautification is based on a lightweight surface that hydrates the skin.

She is eating exclusively vegetable products
If you follow the Ellen Instagram, you will notice that she love animals and does not want in any way to be more valuable. Because of this, she decided to live like a vegan.

Avoid sugars
Studies have shown that sugar causes premature aging, so there is logic.

Her day begins with yoga
Every morning, Ellen begins with yoga training, which should calm her down and prepare her for the day she is expecting her. Plus, yoga creates muscle mass and is an excellent prevention of obesity.


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