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Easter Island – an island with a mysterious past!

Jacob Rogiven gave this name to the area because they have discovered precisely at Easter in 1772. Rogiven during research after he found the island revealed that it has from 2000 to 3000 inhabitants. Also noticed and unusual stone statues that watched the sea. This island belongs to Chile in 1888, and at that time residents who were on this island were considerably fewer.

This island and its history is an eternal mystery. It is not yet revealed who lived here, what language was spoken, nor the significance of the stone statues.


Today, on this island live around 3.791 people and it is a mixture of several nations. Most of them live in the biggest settlement Hanga Roa. This island has furthest airport in the world, who twice a week flights that bring curious tourists from around the world, which is the main income of the residents of this island.

hanga_roa_sunset_by_jviks-d5tktmx Hanga-Roa-121005

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