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The most popular woman in fashion, which gave a new dimension to the dress.

The life is too short, and uncertainty in itself is a waste of time. The woman who not only was literally princess, now become a queen of the fashion world and conquer all obstacles on the road. She dictates the fashion since the age of 20 and today in her hands she is holding on of the biggest fashion empires.


Diane Simone Michelle is born in Barisal in 1946. In 1964 she was studying in the University of Geneva. When she was 18 she met the German prince Egon from dynasty Furstenberg. 1969 she got married with the prince and got two kids the prince Alexander and princess Tatiana. 1970 Diane von Furstenberg designed her firs dress in the factory of Angelo Ferretti in Italy. 1972 it terminates the marriage with the prince Egon but retains his surname. The same year she launch her first campaign with a slogan “Feel like a woman, wear a dress”. 1976 the magazine Newsweek declares her for the most remarkable woman after Coco Chanel. The same year she was on the first page of The Wall Street Journal. 1978 Diane enters in the world of cosmetic and beauty launching products and perfume called Tatiana by her daughter. 1998 she launched her first book “Diane: A Signature Life”, which is a border between the past and future. 2001 she got married the American businessman Barry Diller.2003 by opening a representative office in West Village, the brand DVF spread in Miami and London.2006 Diana  is selected for a president of the Council of the Fashion Designers in America. 2009 Journey of the Dress is the exhibition held in honor of her life and work in Moscow.2012 Diana is the most powerful woman in the fashion according to magazine Forbes.2014 it begins the reality show “House of DVF”.2015 Karlie Kloss was her face in her campaign DVF Secret Agent Bag Fall 2015.


  • Inspired from DVF


In her creations you can find the red color, dark blue hue, emphasized femininity and leisurely. Here you can find some pieces of clothes that can inspired you some DVF combination.




  • The Celebrities in DVF


They adore her and her creations too. Many pop and film stars wear her design creations. Her clothing and dresses in particular, have been a long staple on the red carpet circuit. Celebrities like Julia Robert, Jessica Biel and Naomi Watts have all been seen wearing Diane von Furstenberg dresses in public. Diane Von Furstenberg is one of the fashion world’s hottest designers, and with good reason. Their styles are popular with not only the world’s most beautiful models, but also actresses, singers and any other women who need to dress up formally and enjoy a little glamour. This list contains the best photos of TV, music and film stars wearing Diane von Furstenberg designs for paparazzi and fans alike.




  • DVF during the years

This brand takes 4 collections during the year.

  • Fall 2003 ready to wear: The show opened the model Natalia Vodianova


  • Fall 2007 ready to wear: the vivid colors in combination with black color marked this fall collection. This collection is adventurous and spirited, without overshadowing the hostess. What we love the most about this Collection is that is lace with stretch that’s flattering and soft, with an elastic waist that doesn’t take any fussing- and doesn’t take away from polish of a black floor – length look. Speaking of polish means adding a super glamorous clutch of shine. Like the girl who leaves you with a smile when she walks away and she has a parting wink of her own: a daring open back that’s sure to turn heads in any room.


  • Fall 2009 ready to wear

With hats on their heads, tweed and dark combinations of color that looms and Karlie Kloss is on the main stage.


  • Fall 2010 ready to wear

One more time the Russian super model Natalia Vodianova opened  the rewiev DVF. This model was wearing the most exclusive clothes and was shinning on the stage.


  • Fall 2013 ready to wear

With Cara Delevingne and the fantastic prints that brings memory from 70s.


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