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Dubai’s most expensive bride-shaped wedding cake made for $ 1 million!

Designer Debbie Wingham has overcome herself and her work with the cake that she presented at the Bridal Fair in Dubai.

Inspired by the traditional Arab bride, the cake is 182 cm high and weighs 120 pounds, and at first glance does not look like a cake at all.


The “Bride” is embroidered with 5 white diamonds, each costing $ 200,000, because of that the cake was named “The Bride of Million Dollars”..It is made with 1,000 eggs, 50 kg stock and 25 kg of chocolate just for strengthening and sculpting the face, upper body, fingers and hands.

She was made and baked for 10 days, and the designer says that no one believed that,that was a cake.

However, this is not her first time to make expensive things. Debbie has made a pair of shoes, a diamond dress and similar expensive works that have reached a value of $ 50 million.

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