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Only in Dubai – salons of $ 33,000!

In a city where a breath of air apparently costs a few pennies, now it is possible to buy shoe worth $ 33,000 …

This fashionable pair of shoes debuted a few days ago and is the work of Italian designer Antonio Vietri.

To his luck, the name Vietri is well-known in Dubai, where a pair of golden moccasins were on sale for a whopping $ 82,000. Shoes lovers at this destination often do not care and do not ask about the price when they see something they like.

And now, a little more about shoes. Silk shops are immersed in 24-carat gold and are decorated with gold and silver jewelry. If you accidentally want to buy this pair of shoes, you can choose between Swarovski crystals, pearls and diamonds to accentuate your pair of shoes!

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