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dm: Trends makeup autumn / winter 2016!

A new wave of exciting trends- make up ensures refreshing the face over the coming months. Allows the desire for experimentation and give them a chance to bring new moment in your beauty routine.

The new look campaign for dm presents 4 styles of makeup which will  be IN this season!


As part of your evening “party” style is enough to highlight the eyes in the right way and become the star of the evening. The eyes are in the spotlight, while the rest of the make-up is in the background.


What type of make up you should use?


The Nude gentle look in different variations have always been present on the runways of New York, via London, until Milan. Highlight the delicate and subtle makeup, and in the foreground highlight the natural features of the face.

This season the Nude Look-is of one of the most popular styles of makeup, because there is nothing more popular of the natural blush on the cheeks, delicate shade of lipstick on the lips and pronounced shadow, which specifically highlights the beauty of your eyes!


What type of make up you should use?

DM LOOK: matte lips

Nothing can emphasize your appearance as matte burgundy lipstick. Matte lipstick is a Must Have trend for this season and must be found in the purse of every woman. Shine this fall with lipsticks in extravagant colors – blueberry and red wine. This style of makeup is ideal for business women, as well as special evening occasions!

What type of make up you should use?

DM LOOK: Ombre Lips

Emphasis is placed on the shape and texture of the lips, while the color of lipstick is in a background. The question sharp contour, texture can be matte or glossy, and most emphasized the transition from dark to light shades. This trend gives volume to the lips, thus creating an interesting play by light and shadows.


What type of make up you should use?



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