Diet for those who do not want to starve – Lose weight on full stomach!!

The fibers that are found in mushrooms improve work intestines and make you feel full. That’s why diet with mushrooms is ideal for anyone who does not submit the feeling of hunger.

Mushrooms are healthy product that are rich with protein and precisely because of that it is called “meat for vegetarians” and can help you to lose weight.


Diet with mushrooms does not involve starvation and on that way you should avoid undesirable and yo-yo effect.

The goal is completely to discard the meat from your diet and replace it with mushrooms, because mushrooms contain large amounts of protein, and low-calorie. At 150g mushrooms you have only 30 calories.

The diet takes place in 5 days which should enter daily 1,550 calories divided into 5 portions of fruit and vegetables and 0.5l milk or milk products to make sure you have an adequate supply of essential nutrients in the body.

Ideas for delicious meals:

1. The minced meat in the spaghetti you can replace it with champignons

2. Instead to put chicken in the rise ,place the meat with mushroom

3. Instead of a burger, try the oyster mushrooms

4. By mixing three types of mushrooms and you can make a meat paste( but with mushrooms)

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