Did you know that you can contour the face without makeup?

We got used to seeing thousands make up artists showing their skills about contouring, but this time we are talking about something that you have never seen before.

Farah Dhukai is a beauty blogger who recently on his Instagram account posted video showing a completely new way of contouring. What is different and unique is about that she does not use any makeup for extracting the contours.


The video has reached over a million views and offers an alternative way of about contouring products that you already have in your home.

A homemade concoction of coffee grinds, cacao and honey could be all you need to give a soft, sun-kissed glow.

You need two mixtures. The first mixture is made of yogurt, honey and rose petals, and another of coffee beans, cocoa and honey. She applies both mixtures on the parts she wants to Contouring. Once the mask will be dry, wash your face with warm water, using circular movements. The result will leave you breathless.

The petals of a rose will brighten your skin, while honey is full of antioxidants and will make your skin shiny. Honey is also great for treating the acne because it contains antibacterial properties. The yogurt contains acids that will calm the skin. Coffee will collect the excess of moisture so your tan will become darker in certain places, and cocoa will make your skin to look firmer.

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