Detective books that will leave you with an open mouth!

If you enjoy in mystery stories and want those in which the detective character drives all the action, then these 3 books are a great choice.

Alphabetical murders – Agatha Christie

Many wish the Murder (it) on the Orient Express, but true fans of the style of Agatha Christie recognize the killings as index masterpiece. Her hero, the detective Poirot constantly receives letters from a serial killer who announces any subsequent crime.


His signature ABC and killings in alphabetical order, as well as rail guide that is left beside each victim traces confuse everyone except the discernment Belgian detective. Who is the real killer?

Phantom – Jo Nesbo

The story spans over three different years. It began back in 1944, during the Second World War, when in the trenches of Leningrad, a fun and energetic boy named Daniel lost his life. Meanwhile, in a military hospital appears wounded soldier who gives his name. In 1999, the detective Harry Hulle is on a mission to examine all information related to secret arms smuggling contacts in Nazi environment. A year later, on the streets where dominates the harsh Oslo’s winter is appearing an old man with one thought in mind – murder and revenge for the past. Exciting story which pages are played by hand.


Valley of Fear – Arthur Conan Doyle

Mr. Douglas from the palace in Birlstoun is in mortal danger. Sherlock Holmes gets a coded message, but before he could do anything, it is revealed that the head of Douglas was blown off with shotgun. The British police are perplexed – whether it was murder or suicide?

All are under impression except Sherlock Holmes who things that it is a classic case of suicide. But Holmes has reason and does not think like the rest. The encoded message is the agent of his eternal enemy – Moriarty.


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