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Destination – Amsterdam: Top 10 cafes!

When it comes to traveling across Europe, Amsterdam is always a good idea. There are many reasons to visit this amazing city that will delight with everything that has it.

Even when you reach this Dutch city, it will overwhelm you with its dynamic energy that is felt in every corner.

In addition to being known for the wooden clogs and the various types of yellow cheese, the cafes in Amsterdam serve excellent coffees that we are sure you will enjoy.

We offer you 10 cafes in Amsterdam in which you will enjoy both coffee and ambience:


Caffènation is a coffee shop originating in Belgium, but it has been in Amsterdam a few years ago. Located in the so-called Belgian Quarter, opposite a park, while you drink coffee you will enjoy the view.

The Bulldog

This cafe is one of the oldest and most famous in Amsterdam. It has five locations across the city and each has a distinctive charm.


A relaxed cafe in which you can also enjoy delicious coffee, you can enjoy a muffin or a cookie.

White Label Coffee Roasters

In this cafe you will feel like at home. The ambient resembles a living room, and there are books that you can read while you are there, and often there are also gigs.

Sweet Cup

In the Sweet Cup you will find peace and quiet amid all that noise from the tourists in the city. Owners, except coffee and drinks, make homemade cakes.

Scandinavian Embassy

This cafe has 3 owners from 3 different countries – the bar is from Argentina, the cook from Sweden, and the designer of the interior from Poland. An experience you must not miss out on.

Back to Black

In the immediate vicinity of the famous Rijksmuseum there is a café Back to Black. This coffee shop offers an excellent choice of coffees in which you will enjoy the small terrace outside.

Koko Coffee & Design

Located in the renowned Red Light District, Koko Coffee & Design is the right choice for the creators who want strong and quality coffee in an interestingly landscaped area where it is sold and dressed.


The cafe has been in existence for more than 10 years and offers an interesting choice of coffees, and is located in the Westerpark Park, close to many markets and shops.

The Coffee Virus

In addition to offering coffee, drinks and delicious food, this coffee shop also serves as a co-working space for freelancers, creators and small business owners.

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