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Creative, comfortable and affordable: 7 tips to turn your balcony into living room!

When the weather is nice, it’s a pity not to enjoy the outer space if you have it. During the summer months, you can make the most of your balconies and terraces and turn them into an outdoor living room. We reveal seven tips to help you achieve this ideas.

1. Determine the middle part of the space

This will make your work easier from the start. Fill the “heart” of the room with a double sofa, sofa, deck chair or table, that is, it should be that piece of furniture that you will often use.

2. Make a difference between the inner and outer space

Do not transfer the furniture that is otherwise created for the interior in the outer space. However, it is about different weather conditions. A durable balcony set is certainly a better choice than the couch.

3. Choose furniture that corresponds to the size of the space

Before you begin buying and editing, it’s important to measure the space so you can choose the right size of the furniture. Great furniture for which nothing else can be set on the balcony or terrace is by no means the ideal choice.

4. Decoate the furniture properly

A good schedule is very important. When you edit the space, keep in mind that there should be enough space for free movement, that is, passing and turning between pieces of furniture. He must not be an obstacle.

5. Observe the amount of furniture

To achieve a balance in space, furniture pieces need to be complemented, that is, not too much, but not too little. The space that is overcrowded visually will look smaller, while the space with too little furniture or colors will look empty and neglected.

6. Enrich the color space

One of the best ways to revive space is to enrich it with colors. Pillows in different shades and with interesting prints or a set of standby displays will be the perfect choice.

7. Neglect the details and herbs

To achieve a sense of comfort that radiates every living room, you must not forget the details and the herbs. Nice lighting, candles, jars with flowers, vases and decorative pads are required.

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