For cool girls: 6 spring and summer make-up trends

Compared with fashion, makeup experience as routine as something that is always the same, and the only variation we make when the makeup comes is the dilemma whether to put stronger lipstick or not. But this is wrong.

If you can experiment when it comes to fashion and every day to wish for a new, different fashion combination, why don’t you make the same thing with the makeup and hair? Maybe will not fit you exactly everything, but let’s look with what you posses and on this basis to come up with something together. But for starters, let’s look at the key beauty trends for spring / summer 2017!

A wide selection of colors

This season, when it comes to make-up trends, you have the whole freedom in choosing colors. All colors are in play! And then, nice and rich  apply them on the covers of the eyes  and failing to account for the final score. Enjoy in your colors, glitter and colorful. Cool and boldly.

A new way of applying eyeliner

We’re sure you already know how to apply eyeliner, so you have some basis. Then, on this basis, add a few more steps, so that you will pull through eyeliner along the entire upper lid and the lower half, but so that you’ll start from the inner corner of the eye. Interesting, is not it?

red lipstick

Red lipstick is mandatory, and the rest of the makeup you can safely forget.

Water effect

Hairstyle with water effect can be in any variant. And when it comes to makeup, then choose a shiny, soft pink lips, matte soft pink cheeks, and for the eyes, forget the mascara and simply apply a little translucent glossy shadow “water” effect.

Be glossy

This season all eyes Put it on the highlighter and skin care. This season will be obsessed with glowing, perfect complexion that glows and shines. Apart from cherished leather and a small amount of corrector, focus on the highlighter and do not save it.


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