Chrono diet: 3 foods that are necessarily need for your breakfast

The most important meal of the chrono diet is the breakfast. You must not miss it, because you can destroy the diet, the chances are bigger that you can fallow under the influence by unhealthy snacks.

It is desirable to eat breakfast before 8am and track how the body will react to the chrono nutrition.

These are the 3 restless mandatory that you must eat every morning if you want to be in good shape:

chrono diet

  1. Bread
  • From its height expressed in centimeters subtract 100. The remaining number Divide by 2 and it will get a number that shows you how many grams of bread for you to eat. It is small but sufficient amount to start the day. Make sure that you eat the bread does not contain sugars.
  1. Olive oil
  • Pour a little olive oil on the bread, to give it nicer taste.
  1. Cheese
  • The amount is determined as bread. For cheese, this number can seem much, but it is the measure that you need to hold for 12-13 hours, until it came time for lunch.

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