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“A Child Who Has No idea Who is Justin Timberlake” Becomes A Hit On Twitter

Towards the end of the show of Super Bowl 2018, singing it” Can’t Stop the Feeling”, Justin Timberlake mingled with the audience and sang along with them.

It’s pretty cool to be a seventh grader who scores tickets to the Super Bowl.  But, it’s quite another thing to become an instant internet star just for talking an impromptu selfie at the championship game.

During Sunday night’s halftime show, megastar Justin Timberlake walked right up to 13-year-old Ryan McKenna during his performance at U.S. Bank Stadium.

A few seconds later, the camera shows how Justin sings with the audience around him, and the child stands next to him “lost”.

Turning confused around, the child took the phone again and made another selfie with Justin, and the singer’s statement was “Super Bowl Selfi”.

Certainly, as expected, the child and his reactions became a viral sensation, and photos and hyphens immediately spread to social networks.

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