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Charismatic Beauty: Angelina Jolie poses with cheetahs in an editorial at Harper’s Bazaar

Angelina Jolie is on the cover of the November edition of Harper’s Bazaar. The magazine celebrated the 150th anniversary of its first edition with a photo shoot with Jolie, posing in Namib desert with three cheetahs, as well as local residents of Namibia.

The glorious 42-year-old actress wrote an essay on Harper’s Bazaar in which she shared her thoughts about the responsibility for each person has for other people and the natural environment. In her text, Angelina says that each of us should think how to contribute to a better future. She believes that, although there are many things that we can not foresee for the next 150 years, it is clear at least that our great-grandchildren will live with the consequences of our decisions.

My mother, who came from Indian tribes Iroquois after her father side, taught me that we should always think about the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations. It’s hard to be so thoughtful with all the pressure in our lives, but it looks like a wonderful aspiration “- writes Angelina.

The destruction of the natural environment and wildlife hunting has already sparked the extinction of some species in Africa. The cheetahs who pose the famous star were rescued two years ago when they were found as orphans. “For the first time I met with them in 2015 when they were young and sponsored my family. They were orphans and they almost died. We were nursing them until they were again healthy, but they could not return to the wild because they had already lost their fear of the people and could have been killed if they wandered on a farm, “Jolie recalls.The number of cheetahs has already dropped to 7,100 worldwide, and Angelina says that each sample is precious.

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