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Characteristics of people with heart shape: Innovative, Daring, undecided…

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Gene Hanner, an expert in reading facial and author of many articles related to the truths about the person that shares characteristics of the people that have heart shape face.

There are several ways to define the heart shape  face. The most common characteristics are that the face is widest in the middle, where are your cheeks, and chin is narrow.


These are a few things which Hanner says about the heart shape face:

  1. You have incredible sexappeal and charm that attracts all to you.
  2. You are very sensitive and want to make others feel special.
  3. You want incentives and you do not want to get in trouble.


  1. You are creative and you have to express that creativity in public.
  2. It is likely to become a celebrity.
  3. Are you afraid of rejection.
  4. You want your relationships to be exciting and interesting.
  5. Very often you know to be dramatic and you want everything to revolve around you.
  6. You may be cheeky and say some bad words before to think.
  7. You may be undecided.
  8. Nothing is good enough for you.
  9. You hate to be criticized.
  10. You have a lot of energy and you’re adventurous



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