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Celebrities who are experts of “destruction” of foreign photos!

Fotobombarder are very similar to the ninja. In order to make successful photobomb, they need to quietly sneak, to be patient as a Buddhist monk and have a good eye to recognize the perfect timing.

See the following few celebrities who have mastered skills for fotobombing …

Bryan Cranston and his former partner in crime, Aaron Paul

Jessica Biel and her boring husband, Justin Timberlake

Steven Spielberg, the family Seinfeld and guess who? Certainly George Clooney!

The surprise of Lupita Njongo of incredible human being, Emma Thompson

Anne Hathaway accompanied by the ninja Jared Leto

Candace Cameron Bure interfere in the love of John Stamos

Sienna Miller and Cara Delevingne: Models of work

Hello! It’s me … Benedict Cumberbatch!

The photo of Angelina Jolie would not be complete without the heads of Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman


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