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Carolina Herrera – the lady who shape the definition of elegance and a keen eye for luxury…

Born like Venezuelan aristocrat , the keen eye on the now proven 77 year old designer Carolina Herrera is accustomed to luxury from young age. Her father was a former governor of Carax and her mother of the Venezuelan Social foot tall.


Her socialite grandmother introduced her to the world of fashion, taking young Carolina to shows by Balenciaga and buying her outfits at Lanvinand Dior. She has said “My eye was accustomed to see pretty things.”

In 1957, at the age of 18, she married Guillermo Behrens Tello, a Venezuelan landowner, with whom she had two daughters, Mercedes and Ana Luisa. They later divorced. Her second marigge in 1968 with Don Reinaldo Herrera Guevara, who had inherited the Spanish title The 5th Marquis of Torre Casa, brought her the winning surname, two daughters and a rich social life.In 1965 Carolina started managing entity for public relations by the giant and among family friend Emilio Pucci. From his boutique in Karasas in 1980 year, Carolina moved to the Big Apple.

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Her charm, eloquence and tight sense of style and elegance incorporate Herrera at the height of the glory of Studio 54, associating with Mick and Bianca Jagger and Andy Warhol who could not remain indifferent to this lady in her dramatic style.

On the suggestion of her good friend and then chief editor of Vogue, Diana Vreeland, Herrera launched her line of clothing. Thus, 20 dresses created by a tailor in Venezuela in 1981 for the first time, accompanied with the sounds of Cole Porter presented in Manhatten’s Metropolitan Club,ready to gather the criticism of the New York refined audience .

Meeting the biggest tycoon in her own country, Armando de Armas, who offered to give her a full support, she decided to step into the fashion world and for several months she opened the first atelier and showroom in the heart of the fashion industry – Seventh Avenue in New York.

She is one of the first designers who started using the filled shoulders, believing that wider shoulders yield a narrower waist.

On the question ,why she most of the creations created with an emphasis on sleeves, she says: Because they are not at all new created. They’re feature since the time of Queen Elizabeth or even in the Middle Ages to the present.Everything I’ve done is a modern adaptation of the same. Female affection for them is because of the opportunity they offer to framing the face and highlighting the natural beauty of the woman.”

Top of her Top of his glory achieved when Jackie Oasis will ask the designer to create a wedding dress for her daughter Caroline Kennedy. Atlantean its client list is enriched with names like Renee Zellweger, Jessica Alba, Eva Longorijai course Michelle Obamawas achieved when Jackie Oasis  asked  her to create a wedding dress for her daughter Caroline Kennedy. Her client list is enriched with names like Renee Zellweger, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria and of course Michelle Obama.

In 1988 it was launched the fragrance which in the base hides jasmine, memories that coming back to childhood, to her room where this fragrance drunk her space. Follow licenses for jewelry, accessories and line for sunglasses that lift her company in the top of the world, so now this elegant lady cost $ 20 million.

The Empire of Herrera conclude an agreement with Puig, spain cosmetics company that produces its fragrance lines and in 1991 even she designed the best-selling male fragrance Herrera for man.

With more than 20 so far launched fragrances in more than 100 countries, this summer in the spirit of “good” Girls Carolina Herrera presented “Good Girl”.- perfume. Powerful provocative and absolutely insurmountable: Carolina conquers new dimensions of femininity.


The best jasmine quality   nd tuberose crystals treated with an innovative process that enhances the scent of white flowers with delicate brilliant explosion. All wrapped in velvety softness of almond.




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