Born Models: 7-year-old identical twins win on Instagram!

Lea Rose and Ava Mary won Instagram in just a few months. 7-year-old identical twins are often referred to as “the most beautiful girls in the world”, and their  profile has over 236,000 followers.

The Indivisible sisters have already signed an agreement with two fashion agencies and are increasingly appearing in advertising campaigns.

For the first time, the mother tried to introduce the twins into the world of fashion when they were only 6 months old, but soon gave up because she realized that she would not be able to reach to balance the new obligations with her obligations over the little son who was then 2 years old. When on 7/7/2017 the twins were 7 years old, the mother, believing that number 7 is lucky number, decided to try again. “I presented to the girls my idea whether they would like, in addition to the weekly dancing lessons and swimming lessons, to try the modeling. I was not surprised at all when they started jumping and could not wait to start, “she recalls.

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