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2016 will be her year! Wanting to discover the secret of the success of this globally known star, we look at the biography of Jennifer Lopez and realized that the best is yet to come!

jennifer lopez

She is an actress, singer, designer, producer and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in the world. We believe that she revealed the source of youth, because 47th year of life look at least 20 years younger, and despite all the achievements, feels as if it still has not reached the peak of glory. The question arises: How she managed to succeed in everything? And which years of her life turned her to the stars?

  • 1975

First Tour

Jennifer Lopez was born and raised in one of the most notorious neighborhoods in New York – Bronx. In 1975tata year, when she was only 7 years old, he embarked on its first tour. Jennifer led the school choir and with other talents of the Catholic primary school performed in schools across the city. Parallel dealt with gymnastics, dance and played softball – In other words developing its skills without doubt deserving for her dancing abilities that despite the vocal helped her on the road to success.


First Love

Her love life has always been interesting and the public, but the list is long, Jenifer she met her first boyfriend David Cruz, who was in relationship for 10 years at that time and he was the biggest support – moved with her to allow her to work of his career. “He is now my great friend and probably knows me best of all”- said Jennifer Lopez 20 years after their breakup.


Sadly lawyer

While playing in high school casting Jennifer learned of the film “My Little Girl”, which is seeking actors for some teenage roles. With the age of 18, she passed the audition and interpreted the character of Maria, a girl from the center for center for troubled girls. After completion of recording, Jennifer wanted to deal seriously with acting, but rather for her parents she enrolled at the Faculty of Law, from which they are written off after the first semester. It caused shock to her parents, who wanted to discourage from acting, indicating that girls with Latin American descent in Hollywood fare well. But Jennifer does not agree with them and move on of their house and their leased apartment in Manhattan.  Her parents wanted Jennifer to become a lawyer, but it was completely wrong for their daughter. In that period some agents from Broadway noticed her and her talent, and then she went on a trip all 5-month tour as part of the choir. But she was not satisfied, because she had only his solo – part.


In second Plan

Her career begins in a new direction when she became it a dancer of the group “New Kids on the Block.” Mega popular band members participate in the 18th award at the American Music Awards, and thanks to that she gets a job as a dancer in the TV show “In Living Color.”


Stormy Film start

The role in the film “Train with money,” starring with Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson and opens the door to the film industry.


The star is born

The role of Selena in the film showed his lavish talent, and energy and charisma. In the film she received rave reviews, and accepts the good and the audience accepted like a good actor too. The beautiful actress it was a great indicator to highlight her Latino – roots, and her manager sign a contract with the company “Sony” for publishing an album in Spanish.


Career booming, love in crisis

It turns out her debut – a song “If you had that my Love” immediately found the charts. She launch the first album “On the 6”, where you can find the power –play “Waiting for Tonight”, which the critics and today considered that, that song is the best.

On the same album you can find the song “No me Ames” – where she sings with Mark Antony.

It should be noted that the first woman who was awarded the prize “billboard icon.” From 1999 to date has released 10 albums, and they surprisingly, music and first love “ I am grateful of my friends, family and fans that helped me to create these records. You must worked hard, dream big dreams and believe in yourself! You should known that everything is possible.


Fashion and others Business – stories

In 2003 she launched her fashion line, “J Lo” – that lasted shorty , but still remains in the world of fashion. In 2005 she starts with the new line “Sweet Face.”


The marriage with Mark Antony

The series love of shipwrecks since the beginning of the new millennium ends in 2004 when she married Mark Antony. Although it seemed that he was right, their marriage lasted only seven years. The divorce has left a deep mark on Jennifer, but did not destroy her faith in love.



The period of her pregnancy with twins, Jennifer called the happiest in her life. “There is nothing greater than the birth of children and the responsibility for their lives. After the birth of twins Emma and Maximilian, I feel that sounds like a cliché, but no” golden Oscar “or anything similar ca not be measured by childbirth” said Jennifer.



Lots of people go to Las Vegas to gamble or get married there but Jennifer has a private show. After participating in the American Idol from January 2016 Latino – Wild daily basis performing in the famous club “Planet Hollywood”, following in the footsteps of Cher Selene Dion, Mariah Carey, which performed several times a week. Love situation improves, for 4 years she is in relationship  with the dancer Casper Smart.

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